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2021 proposed Racing schedule updated (upon Government approvals)

Grand Bend Speedway along with our fellow Ontarians are currently in a Provincial “stay at home order” with all “non-essential” businesses being closed or affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic until May 20th at this time.

We would like to bring all of our patrons up to speed on current track operations and closures.

There will be no practice or on-track activities available until at least May 20th. The speedway will be doing online registrations and day to day administration. We will be available for phone calls from our teams, staff and any of our supporters. Racing is scheduled to continue on Sunday May 23rd at 2 pm if current restrictions are removed by the Government. We will monitor any restrictions and commence the 2021 Racing Season on the first Sunday in which restrictions are lifted and safe return and competition is allowed. We have until June 20th to still qualify for the NASCAR Points and complete 14 events, let’s hope this doesn’t last until then.

Practice will commence as soon as restrictions are lifted on a daily basis by appointment or by a scheduled Thursday open practice day for multiple competitors again once restrictions are lifted.

We are still working on some great things for the speedway and will keep everyone informed as they get confirmed or approved.

Please keep safe during these unprecedented times and we will see you at the Bend ASAP.

“Race you to the Beach”

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