Month: September 2021

2021 Season Concludes but 2022 Information is now available

2021 Racing season has ended and we have crowned our Class Champions as of September 3rd. We are very proud of all of our competitors and staff and wish them all a great “off season” and look forward to 2022.

With that being said we have been busy working on our 2022 version of rules. schedule and registration forms pertaining to the upcoming season. We have posted everything for our competitors to look over before our upcoming meeting at the track to finalize before we get going in 2022.

The rules and registration meeting will be on OCTOBER 23rd paying close attention to all aspects of the 2022 season as well as recognizing the 2021 accomplishments by our competing drivers in an informal presentation of awards and a photo op.

The October 23rd meeting will be as follows:

1- 12:00 pm – 2021 Awards Presentation for all GBS Classes

2- 1:00 pm – 2022 General Track Rules for all Classes

3- 1:30 pm – Future Stars Rules Meeting (a) Junior Sprint (b) Rookie Truck (c) Mini Cup (d) Pro Truck (e) 9hp Mini Sprint

4- 3:00 pm – Big Cars Rules Meeting (a) Four Stock (b) Pro Stock (c) V8 Winged Sprint Cars

*Registration will be available throughout the whole meeting (from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm)

Meeting and Awards will be held at the speedway property

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