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THE LIGHTS FEST at Grand Bend Speedway October 15, 2022

We please to announce that we will be hosting THE LIGHTS FEST here at Grand Bend Speedway on Saturday October 15th, 2022!

This is a family oriented event that creates moments and memories shared with friends and families that last a lifetime. The Lights Fest uses non-standard, customized and patented lanterns that stay in the air for a short period of time.  The lanterns have been specially engineered using state of the art safety protocols to produce a limited flight time (on average, reaching a hight of 250-300 yards and travelling a distance on 300-500 yards from their original launching point). They are made from non-flammable and biodegradable materials – no metal wiring is used. All lanterns are cleaned up within 24 hours of them being lauched by The Lights Festival crew.

The Lights Fest in co-ordiation with Grand Bend Speedway have been granted permission by the Township and have the proper permits to hold this event. The South Huron Fire Department has also given approval for the event and will be present on site during the event as is standard safely protocol for all Light Fest Events.

This will be the first Annual Lights Fest here at Grand Bend Speedway. We are excited to continue to bring  wholesome family friendly entertainment to the Grand Bend area!

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Champions Crowned at Season Finale

The drivers of Grand Bend Speedway wrapped up their 2022 campaign Saturday evening.

Craig Cole (#55) of Beachville won in the Bone Stocks holding off a charging Dan Storey (#34) of Beachville after taking the lead early in the event.  His win was a back-to-back victory after having won last week.  Kyle Neumeister (#92) of Mitchell came home with the championship in the division having won eight events over the course of the season.

In the Mini Trucks Austen Arnell (#29) of Thedford took home the win and the championship.  Mason Collver (#20) of Strathroy finished second in the race and was also the runner up in the championship chase.  Arnell racked up an impressive seven victories.  Arnell was the winner of all but two of the events in the Mini Trucks this season.  The other two events were won by Collver.

Quinn Goertz (#18) of Ilderton got the race win as well as the championship in the Rookie Trucks.  The victory was his eleventh of the season that saw him hold off Austen Arnell (#77) of Vanastra for both the victory and the championship.  The Rookie Truck event was a challenging one with a pair of hard crashes at the beginning of the event involving Brayden Martin (#51) of Mt. Brydges and Bailey Batty (#9) of Wyoming.

Kara Martin (#53) of Mt. Brydges finished her Junior Late Model career with a victory in the race and the overall points championship.  She was also the winner of the Future Stars championship earlier in the season and finished with nine victories overall.  Martin has already begun racing in the Bone Stock series as she graduates from the Junior Late Model class.

Dylan Graham (#4) of Glencoe capped off a successful season with yet another victory in addition to claiming the championship.  All told, the driver earned eleven feature race wins over the course of the season.  Maxwell Lloyd (#6x) of London impressed leading the early part of the race where he ultimately finished third.  Hannah Hamilton (#7) of Thedford finished second.

Shean Carey (#87) of Hagersville took home the win in the Southern Ontario Modified Association (SOMA) 15-lap race holding off an exceptionally hard charging Tate O’Leary (#28K) of Port Lambton who was running the event in a dirt modified that saw him power-sliding around the turns at the 1/4-mile track.

In the Pro Stocks, Jeremy Curtis (#77) won the event in his exhibition vehicle.  Darryn Wright (#62) of Watford came home with the 2022 championship with a victory to his credit from earlier in the season.

Saturday’s event was the final race of the 2022 season.  The Around the Bend Driving Experience continues to run at the track during the off-season.  Fans and drivers can keep an eye to Grand Bend for updates during the off season.


Feature Race
1. 55 Craig Cole Beachville
2. 34 Dan Storey Beachville
3. 52R Randy Martin Mount Brydges
4. 53 Kara Martin Mount Brydges
5. 28 Cierra Graves Ingersoll
6. 52 Carter Nicol Ailsa Craig
7. 14 Hana Lamont London

Heat Race #1

1. 53 Kara Martin Mount Brydges
2. 55 Craig Cole Beachville
3. 14 Hana Lamont London
4. 28 Cierra Graves Ingersoll

Heat Race #2

1. 34 Dan Storey Beachville
2. 52R Randy Martin Mount Brydges
3. 52 Carter Nicol Ailsa Craig

Feature Race
1. 87 Shean Carey Hagersville
2. 28K Tate O’Leary Port Lambton
3. 84 Vic Devries
4. 93 Dan Pettit Jerseyville

Heat #1
1. 93 Dan Pettit Jerseyville
2. 28K Tate O’Leary Port Lambton
3. 84 Vic Devries
4. 87 Shean Carey Hagersville

Feature Race
1. 29 Austin Arnel Thedford
2. 20 Mason Collver Strathroy
3. 11 Rob Broadhurst London
4. 7 James Relou Ilderton
5. 19 Caleb Goertz Ilderton
6. 67 Rick Baskett Clinton
7. 15 Kaisha Zimoch Melbourne
8. 25 Mckenna Robson St. Marys

Heat Race #1

1. 29 Austin Arnel Thedford
2. 11 Rob Broadhurst London
3. 7 James Relou Ilderton
4. 25 Mckenna Robson St. Marys

Heat Race #2

1. 20 Mason Collver Strathroy
2. 19 Caleb Goertz Ilderton
3. 67 Rick Baskett Clinton
4. 15 Kaisha Zimoch Melbourne

Feature Race
1. 18 Quinn Goertz Ilderton
2. 77 Austen MacLennan Vanastra
3. 55 Eden Robson St Marys
4. 9 Bailey Batty Wyoming
(DQ) 51 Bryden Martin Mt. Brydges

Heat Race #1

1. 77 Austen MacLennan Vanastra
2. 18 Quinn Goertz Ilderton
3. 9 Bailey Batty Wyoming
4. 51 Brayden Martin Mt. Brydges
5. 55 Eden Robson St Marys

Feature Race
1. 53 Kara Martin Mt. Brydges
2. 9 Grayson Masson Ingersoll
3. 2 Malachi Busink Strathroy
4. 17 Callum Lawton Woodstock
5. 77 Eric Lawton Woodstock
6. 22 Judah Busink Strathroy

Heat Race #1

1. 53 Kara Martin Mt. Brydges
2. 22 Judah Busink Strathroy
3. 9 Grayson Masson Ingersoll

Heat Race #2

1. 17 Callum Lawton Woodstock
2. 2 Malachi Busink Strathroy

Feature Race
1. 4 Dylan Graham Glencoe
2. 7 Hannah Hamilton Thedford
3. 6x Maxwell Lloyd London
4. 99 Tyson Fucile London
5. 2 Blake Watson West Lorne
6. 8 Emma Graham Glencoe
7. 45 Anthony Pauli London
8. 6 Alexis Eaton London
9. 85 Ryan Clark Strathroy
10. 73 Chase Morris London

Heat Race #1

1. 4 Dylan Graham Glencoe
2. 2 Blake Watson West Lorne
3. 7 Hannah Hamilton Thedford
4. 8 Emma Graham Glencoe
5. 45 Anthony Pauli London

Heat Race #2

1. 6x Maxwell Lloyd London
2. 99 Tyson Fucile London
3. 6 Alexis Eaton London
4. 85 Ryan Clark Strathroy

Pro Stock Results
Feature Race
1. 77 Jeremy Curtis Durham
2. 62 Darryn Wright Watford
3. 22K Tate O’Leary Port Lambton

Heat Race #1

1. 77 Jeremy Curtis Durham
2. 62 Darryn Wright Watford
3. 22K Tate O’Leary Port Lambton

Championship Saturday Has Arrived

The final race event of the year has arrived!  Saturday at 7:00 PM fans can catch the championship events for the Mini Trucks, Junior Sprints, Rookie Trucks, Junior Late Models, Bone Stocks, and Pro Stocks.  The evening will also feature a special appearance by the Southern Ontario Modified Association.

General admission seating includes access to the lawn chair area as well as the grandstand.  Pits are open free of charge after the event to get an up close look at the racing vehicles.

About the Track: Grand Bend Speedway is a 1/4 mile paved Tri-Oval race track. Originally built in 1996 for small-scale vehicles it was later expanded into the track of today which can accommodate both half-size development series as well as full-size race cars. The track is located just outside the town of Grand Bend beside the Grand Bend Motorplex facility.

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