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Ford 4.6 Beach Cruisers

We are pleased to announce that the Ford 4.6 Beach Cruisers have become a reality on Thursday Nights at Grand Bend Speedway and Festival Center for 2023.

The wildly popular division idea was asked about on our Speedway Director’s Facebook page with great response, since then we have adopted the rules package from a bunch of speedways South of the Border plus utilizing our Thursday night platform as an opportunity to build the uniquely economical class for drivers both new and established.

The idea to bring the Ford 4.6 Beach Cruisers not only was a good opportunity to showcase the full-size Crown Vics, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car class on Thursdays but another equally appealing chance to add a chained car to the back and race against the Crazy Trains which come once a month during 2023 on Saturday Nights.

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