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THE LIGHTS FEST at Grand Bend Speedway October 15, 2022

We please to announce that we will be hosting THE LIGHTS FEST here at Grand Bend Speedway on Saturday October 15th, 2022!

This is a family oriented event that creates moments and memories shared with friends and families that last a lifetime. The Lights Fest uses non-standard, customized and patented lanterns that stay in the air for a short period of time.  The lanterns have been specially engineered using state of the art safety protocols to produce a limited flight time (on average, reaching a hight of 250-300 yards and travelling a distance on 300-500 yards from their original launching point). They are made from non-flammable and biodegradable materials – no metal wiring is used. All lanterns are cleaned up within 24 hours of them being lauched by The Lights Festival crew.

The Lights Fest in co-ordiation with Grand Bend Speedway have been granted permission by the Township and have the proper permits to hold this event. The South Huron Fire Department has also given approval for the event and will be present on site during the event as is standard safely protocol for all Light Fest Events.

This will be the first Annual Lights Fest here at Grand Bend Speedway. We are excited to continue to bring  wholesome family friendly entertainment to the Grand Bend area!

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